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ZOJE Technology Impression Jiangnan Hangzhou Transformation Tour Review!


The impression of ZOJE Technology on the transformation of Jiangnan officially kicked off in the drizzle. The bright new ZOJE team flag fluttered in the sky, just like the fiery, firm heart of the ZOJE people. 

Under the guidance of the colorful flags, the people of ZOJE took the spirit of striving forward, striding forward with clang, carrying forward the beautiful vision of the future and advancing towards the journey!

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Talk about friendship and development plans


The ZOJE Technology 2020 Dealer Summit had a perfect curtain call. On that day, the stars were shining and big names are gathering. The elite of ZOJE gathered together to share friendship and share the grand event. ZOJE has always attached great importance to establishing cooperative relations with dealers, creating a harmonious cooperative atmosphere, and actively providing a platform for dealers to communicate and promote common development.


Hangzhou with beautiful scenery and poetic atmosphere.

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The green mountains and green water, like the stride of ZOJE people

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“The heaven on earth - beautiful Hangzhou". The wonderful moments of the journey were recorded. Although there was heavy rain on the day, the people of ZOJE took a calm pace. While the family of ZOJE carefully experienced this trip, they began to prepare for a new round of work. I believe that everyone will devote more energy and enthusiasm to work, work together with ZOJE to build a happy big family.


The organizing committee of this event warmly prepared raincoats, waterproof rubber shoes, masks and other intimate items for everyone.

Make sure the journey is completed successfully!

This trip to Hangzhou fully demonstrates the strong cohesion and sincere friendship between the people of ZOJE, so that the mind can be relaxed in nature and the mind can be more open-minded. This activity promoted the cooperation and trust between dealers and companies while delighting the body and mind.

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The most recollected Hangzhou - Musical


Xixi Wetland, Meijiawu, tea garden scenery, Jiuxitrees, taste Hangzhou cuisine, experience farm food... the water is light, the peaks and mountains are green, and beautiful. The people of the ZOJE family used the camera to record the beautiful scenery and freeze the wonderful moments with their hearts. In West River, dance farewell, enjoyable for everyone gathered in the stands, watching curated by Zhang Yimou big musical "most recalled Hangzhou", a thick and black splendor of poetry and visual feast Hangzhou, slowly appear in front of everyone, brilliant, and dazzled.

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New ZOJE, common development


ZOJE Technology attaches great importance to the strategic cooperation relationship with dealers, actively builds a platform for exchanges and cooperation, and escorts the common cause ofZOJE! In the future, we will be more united, sincere, and forge ahead, and create new achievements under the guidance of the new ZOJE, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win!