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Expand the global marketing network

Face to the fierce market competition and limited financing channels,ZOJE know it is different to carry out the technicial reform,which is influent us to expand the scale and long-term development.In order to break the foreign brand which is monopoly high-end sewing equipment long-term,ZOJE depand on independent innovation of science and technology,and carry out the brand strategy and internationalization strategy, to adapt to the "internationalization of domestic market " new competition situation,Use Caoital market to improve industrial development,enhance cooperation with large dealer at home and abroad,promote domestic sale,export expansion;Through purchase and merger to reduce the cost,and enlarge the enterpeise scale,speed up development,promoting enterprise’s comprehensive strength.

In 1996,ZOJE became the  earlier enterprise bring up the idea of  "regional agency system" . Nowdays,ZOJE has already established a perfect sales network around the world,launched 4S exclusive shops with the same visual image, and built a marketing system including over 40 general agencies and more than 300 franchised dealers. The brand of "ZOJE" has already been registered for full category within over 100 countries regions, and the products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions including the America,Middle East, Africa ,SoutheastAsia and Europe.

ZOJE establishs unified visual 4S store worldwide.

The global marketing network which set 4S store as the main sales point, not only improves ZOJE brand memory and reputation because of the unified visual image, but also helps ZOJE quickly push new products to Market, to win sales opportunities.
"ZOJE" sewing machine has become the first choice of Youngor, Heilan, Bosideng and other domestic first-class garment enterprises.
ZOJE has become the modern enterprise to guide China sewing machine trend ,and the standards of industry's high-quality .