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ZOJE products since the date of sale, quality problems within 15 days of replacement, the whole machine two years warranty.

Free maintenance service: free maintenance service products can enjoy the warranty period where the company (due to the use of the factory adjustment process, beyond the scope of the machine under normal use fabric or suture, making product performance beyond sewing technology problems except) product warranty period, any unit or individual shall not charge fees to the maintenance service the user in any form (replacement surcharge). Replacement service: during the warranty period, if any defects occur in the case of the factory or the oil leakage caused by the casing, the company may apply directly to the product supplier for replacement after the company has identified it.  
Paid maintenance services: the normal use of the case of failure, the mechanical part of the company within five years to provide paid maintenance services, electrical control part of the 8 years to provide paid services. Fee standards advisory agents and service offices around.

The following cases will not be returned

The insurance commodity (more than three pack warranty goods); unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, collision, accident, liquid, alteration, incorrect installation caused by the quality of the goods, or torn, altered label, machine number, anti-counterfeiting mark; goods packaging accessories, gifts, brochures, incomplete, missing or altered invoices; due to damage caused by force majeure;